About CC Urban Green

A Bit of History

Clackamas County Urban Green (CCUG) grew out of a sense of urgency about what is happening to the environment around us. We were witnessing a surge of development within the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), and we realized that, if we did not act soon, many of the natural features of our neighborhoods would be lost from ill-conceived dense in-fill development.

Please understand, not all developers are insensitive to the environment. However, there are many who are and we realized that we need to place some reasonable legal limits on these rogue developers that clear-cut their sites as a matter of course.

The energy of our concerns took form as political action. Reaching out to the community, we found that nearly everyone we met shared our concern for neighborhood trees and they encouraged us to continue. Many organizations, large and small, voiced their support for what we were trying to do. Currently there are over 4000 people who have voiced support for CCUG’s mission.

CCUG gave a formal presentation of our plan to the Board of County Commissioners on January 17, 2008. We presented a model tree conservation ordinance and proposed a citizen task force by which that model could be evaluated and improved by any and all relevant stakeholders in an open public process. Included in the CCUG proposal was a recommendation for a permanent urban forestry commission that would monitor the fairness and effectiveness of the ordinance, make changes as needed, as well as do long term planning for preserving and enhancing our urban forest ecosystem. On March 19, 2008, the BCC voted unanimously to form the task force, similar to the model that CC Urban Green proposed.

Introducing the CCUG Senior Staff

The CC Urban Green senior staff meets regularly to discuss how to move our projects forward. Meetings are informal but highly focused.

Not pictured: Anatta Blackmarr

Joining With CC Urban Green

We actually don't have a formal membership, as such. CCUG is just people deciding they want tree protection and pledging their support for a tree conservation ordinance and a public process to bring it to fruition. Our "organization" is made up of our connection through interpersonal networking. It seems that nearly everyone we meet already agrees that something needs to be done. We have collected thousands of individual supporters and an impressive list of supporting organizations since the Fall of 2007 when we began our work in earnest.

You can show your support for CCUG by going to our website and clicking the “Show Your Support” link. On that page you can send an automated email to us indicating your support.



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