Clackamas County Website - main entrance to Clackamas County's presence on the web.

Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners - visit this link to learn about the county commissioners, their meetings, weekly schedule, and so forth.

Clackamas County Code - the whole code; the ordinances of Clackamas County.

Clackamas County Zoning and Development Ordinances (ZDOs) - within the Clackamas County Code, Title 12 defines the ordinances related to zoning and development. This link takes you to the ZDOs. Sections 1000 and 1100 deal specifically with development regulations. For example, 1001.01 PURPOSE, paragraph B states: "Insure that natural features of the landscape, such as land forms, natural drainageways, trees and wooded areas, are preserved as much as possible and protected during construction." (This is a good sentiment, but it apparently does not have the necessary legal specificity to actually limit tree destruction.)

Clackamas County Comprehensive Plan - "The basic aim of the Comprehensive Plan is to organize and coordinate the complex interrelationships among people, land, resources, and facilities in such a way as to protect the future health, safety, quality of life and welfare of Clackamas County residents."

Metro - Learn about the Metro Council's results-oriented goals and mission and the agency's unique history as the only directly elected regional government in the country. Read the Metro Charter and the Metro Code.

Nature In Neighborhoods (Metro Title 13) - links to a PDF white paper document that provides background information on the Habitat Conservation Area Map (HCA), the requirements of Metro Urban Growth Functional Plan Title 13 and the Model Ordinance. The Model Ordinance was developed by Metro so that cities and counties could adopt it as part of their development/zoning codes. Title 13 has a number of performance standards that cities and counties are required to comply with by January, 2009.

Statewide Planning Goal #5 - links to a PDF document, Oregon's Statewide Planning Goals and Guidelines for Natural Resources, Scenic and Historic Areas, and Open Spaces.

Community Planning Organizations - The purpose of Community Planning Organizations is to involve citizens in land use planning in unincorporated Clackamas County. The CPO Program is the method Clackamas County uses to meet Goal 1, Citizen Involvement, of the Statewide Planning Goals.

Washington County Joint-CPO Tree Code Group - This group organized in December 2007 to enact a tree preservation ordinance in Washington County. They opted to organize under a Joint-CPO program which gives them a channel into the county government and also provides a CPO staff person for support and guidance. They have made presentations to all the urban CPOs in Washington County. There effort is in many ways parallel to Urban Green's. Read their reports at

New Rules Project - A program of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, the New Rules Project started back in 1998 to bring fresh new policy solutions to communities and states to ensure that they are "designing rules as if community matters". The New Rules Projects features a number of policy areas and several key programs and initiatives, including: The Hometown Advantage, Telecommunications as Commons Initiative, Biofuels and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, and Climate Neutral Bonding.

The Tree Information and Reference Guide - A great resource for everything you'd want to know about planting and caring for trees. It's valuable for kids and grownups alike. Thanks to Jeff, grade 4, at Holy Cross School in Delaware for telling us about this excellent site.

Sacramento Tree Foundation - The Sacramento Tree Foundation is a nonprofit organization leading efforts to build the best urban forest for the Sacramento region. They work with community partners and volunteers to bring trees to every neighborhood, business district, park, school and street. This is an excellent site to learn about how to bring urban forest development and preservation to your community.

Northwest Earth Institute - take their Discovering a Sense of Place course and renew your connection to your community and local environment.

American Forests' Urban Ecosystem Analysis - American Forests is assessing urban forests across the country. They have developed a process called Urban Ecosystem Analysis (UEA) to map the structure of a land area. The UEA process involves a technical analysis of satellite data, using computer software called Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which is now considered a standard tool for urban planning.

The Regional Ecosystem Analysis for the Willamette/Lower Columbia Region of Northwestern Oregon and Southwestern Washington State (PDF) - this is an American Forests Urban Ecosystem Analysis (UEA) for our region. It contains the results of numerous careful studies about the value of trees.

Western Washington and Oregon Community Tree Guide: Benefits, Costs and Strategic Planting (PDF) - an excellent and thorough research document published by the Center for Urban Forest Research of the USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station. It clearly spells out how valuable trees are to our communities.

Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities - a resource site that assists funders and organizations that are interested in creating more livable communities through better decision making regarding growth and development.

Sustainable Today - this is the links page of the Sustainable Today website. It has some excellent links to local organizations dedicated to various aspects of sustainable living.

Building For Social Responsibility and Vermont Building Greener - Building for Social Responsibility (BSR) is a group of Vermont development professionals and others who are concerned with the impact of our work on our communities and environment. We believe that the construction of environmentally sound, healthy, durable green buildings offers one of the most significant solutions to the threats of global warming and resource depletion. To this end we work to advance technologies and practices that reduce our impact on the environment, while supporting sustainable communities and economies.

Foothill Planning Associates - The Oak Grove Neighborhood Center Plan aims to harness future public and private investments to enhance the livability and sustainability of Oak Grove. The plan will look at historic Oak Grove Boulevard and connections to the planned light rail station at Park Avenue via the Trolley Trail and McLoughlin Boulevard. Recommendations for transportation, land use and environmental improvements are the focus for this study.


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