Nature In Neighborhoods Capital Grant

Urban Green, in conjunction with Tri-Met, Clackamas County Parks and Rec, and Oak Lodge Sanitary District and other local community organizations, has submitted an application to Metro for a Nature In Neighborhoods Capital Grant. The grant is for money to be applied to re-greening the site of the proposed Park Avenue Light Rail Station and 1000-car Park and Ride Garage.

The partnership of neighborhood environmental stewardship groups and local agencies, with support of local neighborhood organizations will expand and restore habitat within the Courtney Creek and Kellog Creek basin. The primary elements of the proposal call for riparian forest expansion, enhancement of the Trolley Trail riparian forest, and for adding significant habitat in, on, and around the Park Avenue Light Rail Station and associated Park and Ride Garage.

To quote from the Grant cover letter,

"This proposal envisions the total transformation of the gateway to the Oak Grove community, providing direct interaction with Nature in Neighborhood functions for community members, Trolley Trail users and thousands of light rail riders. In additon to the ecological benefit of these proposed elements, the project partners expect this project to promote low-impact development practices throughout the McLoughlin corridor. Specifically, these project elements can be used as a guide for future development as the community continues to plan for its future."

The following are the main documents included in the grant application (all PDF). In particular, read the Cover Letter, Re-Greening Park Avenue LIght Rail Station and Park & Ride, and the NIN Archetectural Exhibits to get a good overview of the proposal.

Cover Letter - brief overview of our grant submission

Re-Greening Park Avenue Light Rail Station and Park & Ride - a complete description of the Nature in Neighborhoods project, 8 page

NIN Architectural Exhibits - concept drawings for the project

Budget Narrative - high-level synopsis of the proposed budget

NIN Capital Grants Match Form - sources of matching funds and in-kind committments

Letters of Support

Oak Lodge Sanitary District (OLSD)

North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District (NCPRD)

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)

Oak Lodge Community Council (OLCC)

North Clackamas Urban Watersheds Council (NCUWC)

Speaker of the House, State Representative Dave Hunt (D., Gladstone)

Board of County Commissioners, Clackamas County (coming soon)




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