This is where you can download information about the Urban Tree Conservation Ordinance and other helpful documents.

Tree Conservation Ordinance

Here are links to the current draft of the urban tree conservation ordinance proposed by Urban Green. The summary is a good synopsis of what we are proposing. You can give copies of it to people you contact.

  • TreeOrd.pdf - a brief summary of the proposed ordinance

  • DraftOrd.pdf - a preliminary draft of an urban tree conservation ordinance. Since it is likely that the ordinance will undergo some revisions before it is enacted, please send people to this web site rather than distribute printed copies.

Tree Conservation Information

  • Benefits of Trees - this is an information handout that contains some remarkable facts that most people don't know about the value of trees.

Decals and Stickers

What a Sticker Looks Like

Display our Decal/Sticker to show your support for the Tree Conservation Ordinance.

You can request decals or stickers by emailing Urban Green at

As an alternative, you can print your own decals or stickers using this artwork DecalSet.pdf. It's set up for 8 1/2 x 11 inch "sticker" paper or decal sheets, available at stores that sell computer printer supplies.

Each sheet will print four decals/stickers.

The Decal Set
A 4-Up Page of Stickers


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